Refillable Car Diffuser

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Bring your favourite This Is Incense to your car with our refillable car diffuser. The holder clips into the air vent and is reusable as we have 3 blank sticks to interchange once you have finished with the scent.


Use empty 5ml vessel to place oil in approx 3/4 full (do not to overfill )
Place infuser stick in top of bottle and push into the oil.
For instant scent turn the dipped stick around to top.
Place diffuser top with clip on bottle and attach the Car Diffuser securely over your air vent.
As there is liquid in the bottle, please do not tilt the diffuser. Make sure the diffuser perpendicular to the ground during usage. Keep cap on when not in use.

Once finished wash out and use again with another blank infuser stick.

To scent your diffuser, shake bottle before use. Place 1-2 drops of the Ritual Diffuser Oil onto the disc provided. Each disc will last 30 days.

The car diffuser easily clips onto your car's air vents. Position accordingly.

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