Barbados Dive Mask and Snorkel // Gold

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Explore the underwater world and immerse yourself in nature with the Barbados Dive Mask and Snorkel. Feel the waves lull you into a sensory stillness, as you explore islands, rock pools and sea life. Rectangular in shape, this sleek new waterproof mask and snorkel is crafted from soft silicone for a secure fit and comes with its own drawstring bag for easy storage.

Available in three colours, each one is designed to help you experience stillness and beauty that the ocean has to offer.

Ages 9+


• Before use, polish internal lens with anti-fog or saliva to help minimise fogging. Fogging will decrease with use.

• Attach snorkel to your Barbados Dive Mask by threading the strap thru the clip (attached to snorkel) and position in place. Readjust, by sliding clip placement on snorkel to fit.

• Place mask on, adjust mask by pulling on the straps on either side to form a snug fit.


• 100% rubber

• Single-lens mask

• Tempered glass

Product Knowledge

• Clean mask in warm fresh water for a few minutes after use to avoid corrosion

• Mask can fog up with change of extreme temperature

• Avoid using soap or detergents. Use soft glasses cloth to dry face lens

• Avoid drying face lens with abrasive materials such as towels


• Mask: 18cm (wide) x 9cm (high)

• Snorkel: 37cm