Solèr SPF 30+ // 120ml

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This SPF30+ is a 100% natural sunscreen for face & body and with no synthetic chemicals, preservatives, parabens or added fragrances, it is safe for sensitive skin and people that are prone to allergic reactions.

For an everyday cream, apply every morning after cleansing face and body. Start with a small amount to see how much product is ideal for your skin type. Allow to settle for a minute or two before applying other products or make-up. For wear throughout the day, apply evenly 20 minutes before sun exposure, avoiding contact with eyes. Re-apply every 2 hours or more after swimming, sweating or towelling.

Ingredients: Zinc oxide, Coco-caprylate, Polyglyceryl-3 polyricinoleate, Isostearic acid, Medium chain triglyceride, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Beeswax white, Hydrogenated castor oil


Zinc Oxide is a mineral with a long history of use in sun protection and is the safest ingredient to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. It's natural protective and anti-inflammatory properties means it is also commonly used to treat a wide range of skin conditions. Using Zinc Oxide as the active ingredient in our sunscreen is part of what makes Solèr SPF biodegradable and safe for oceans, reefs and coral.


Also known as Cetiol C5, this is a mixture of coconut based alcohol with caprylic and capric acids, also derived from coconut. It is a proven skin moisturiser and protector from sun damage, and makes our sunscreen non-greasy and soft to the skin. As an added benefit it also supplements a healthy immune system and stronger gut health.


This is a skin friendly emulsifier derived from Ricinoleic Acid, and considered a super moisturiser. It has antimicrobial properties, obstructing the growth of many viruses and other causes of skin infections.


One of the most common saturated fatty acids, isostearic acid is a mixture of Oleic acid and stearic acid, which are natural fatty acids from vegetable fats and oils. It helps distribute and balance the Zinc Oxide in the sunscreen to ensure your skin is evenly protected from the sun.


Coconut oil is derived from the coconut palm fruit. It is known for its distinct aroma but it’s a rich source of Vitamin E, an excellent moisturiser containing amino acid, and a protector of skin with its lauric and caprylic acid properties.


Castor oil is rich in skin moisturising properties and contains ricinoleic acid. It promotes the growth of healthy skin tissues and when applied to the face it can help smoothen and soften skin texture. It has been used for centuries around the world to provide hydration to the skin, and is especially popular in drier climates.


This is the most popular skin antioxidant, the synthetic form of Vitamin E. It protects cell membranes from free radicals and helps prevent premature skin ageing caused by UV exposure. It also strengthens the skin’s natural barrier function and has anti-inflammatory properties to help protect your skin from infections.


Known as a humectant or a natural water retainer, beeswax acts as a protective layer on the skin. It is also a natural exfoliator which helps to remove dead skin cells and leaves the skin with a younger, hydrated, and polished complexion. And - it’s what makes our sunscreen 4 hours water resistant.


Hydrogenated castor oil is a mixture of castor oil and hydrogen, which is nature’s most abundant natural element. It is a popular ingredient in skincare products because it functions as emulsifier, surfactant, and emollient. It acts as an occlusive agent, creating a protective layer on the skin and promoting skin moisture retention.


MCT or medium chain triglyceride is an ingredient extracted from coconut oil. It is a lightweight, nourishing oil with a unique chemical characteristic. It is a natural rich source of antioxidants and antibacterial properties and a great skin conditioner, with a non-greasy feel that leaves a silky skin complexion.