Scorpio Zodiac Necklace // Silver

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You Sensible Scorpio you!



TRAITS: Mysterious, Intelligent, Independent, Devoted,

Sensible, Insightful, Passionate, Love Extremes, Reflective,

ALSO: Suspicious, Arrogant, complicated & obsessive.

WHY WE LOVE YOU: You mysterious Scorpions are great secret keepers & feel every emotion intensely. You are inquisitive at heart, & very interested in what makes people (& things) tick on the inside. Scorpions are very Self aware & crave alone time to contemplate. You are disciplined, protective, devoted & a natural leader who stands up for others who struggle to for themselves.

Now tell us your secrets….

Made from solid .925 Recycled Sterling Silver

Pendant measures approx 16mm x 20mm

The balls on the case of the pendant represent this signs lucky number!

Chain length: 20" (all chains have a loop 2" shorter so you can style and layer how you prefer)

Packaged in bio-degradable jewellery box with a card featuring your star sign traits (Perfect for gifting!)