Halo Tag

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Halo Tag alarms are a dual-purpose product, combining practicality and a chic aesthetic. We believe that our safety shouldn’t have to compromise our style. It was imperative to the creators of Halo Tag that the alarm was easy to access, in case of emergency - not something that gets buried in your handbag or in the glove box of your car. Your Halo Tag can be worn on your handbag, attached to your keys, in your belt bucket or simply on its own!

The Halo Tag Alarm Set includes:

1 x Alarm, 1 x Gold Keychain, 1 x Leather Case, 1 x USB Charger

Each case is made from recycled genuine Leather

Size: 90mm x 65mm

How to use:

1. Simply pull the tag downwards to trigger the alarm. This motion will unlock the device and omit a 130-decibel sound wave.

2. The noise your Halo Tag omits is designed to ward off any attackers, toxic behaviour, or unwanted attention. This will show them you’re not messing around, so neither should they. It is also intended to draw the attention of passersby. 

3. If you need to turn your alarm off for any reason, simply push the keyring and tag back towards each other. The pins don’t come off completely so you don’t have to worry about losing your alarm.

4. If the alarm has been triggered, place it back on charge until it has a full battery.